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Expertise + innovation

Expertise + innovation

In 1987 José Luis González Pallejà founded JLG Detectives, an agency located in Tarragona, and dedicated to private investigation work, specialized in the sectors of business and family cases. The General Police Direction granted it a license, No. 350, the first one to be granted in the province of Tarragona. To the expertise of professionals working in the field, the agency adds every indispensable technologic development available today, for results ensuring success in the attainment of goals.

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Uncontesta proof

Uncontesta proof

Thorough, efficient work and methods, in collaboration with hi-tech forensics specialists and institutes, cause JLG Detectius to produce decisive proofs to solve clients’ problems. The team of disciplined professionals leaves no detail to random, and no loose ends. This means that clients have the certainty of obtaining results.

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Support involves the background of excellent professionals in the various areas of investigation. JLG Detectius offers services and support to companies. And in the case of family issues, following the study of the situation, we offer recommendations and work with extreme care. For lawyers, the agency is a true support tool as it can supply reliable proof that may help solve a case.

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Due to its experience in every field of investigation, and its team of highly qualified professionals in joint work with experts in forensics and crime investigation, with an extensive network developed throughout many years, JLG Detectives is a solid point of support for companies, lawyers and individuals.

Detectives Corporate

Ranging from disloyal competition to absenteeism in the workplace, or performance controls.

Detectives Family

Finding missing persons, obtaining proof for divorce or custody cases.

Detectives Legal

Obtaining proof, investigating witnesses, investigating defendants, among other services.

Crime and forensics experts

Ranging from forensic evidence or detecting forged documentation, to DNA tests.

Health insurance, insurance companies

From civil liabilities to recovery and control of injury consequences.

L.A.U. investigation (Urban Rent)

Purpose of rent incompatible with contract, address fraud, unused property.

Fraud investigation

From industrial or intellectual rights to insolvency or foreclosures.

Information security

From leaks to industrial counter-espionage or sabotage..

Corporate security

From corporate investigation to reputation and solvency reports.


Counter-surveillance, undercover security.


We agree upon a strategy by working closely with our clients and specialists.

Both our team and our collaborators will contribute their very best. We listen to them.

We set priorities and this eliminates delays.

Trustworthy proof is obtained by means of leading technologies applied to investigation.

We are accurate. Our long years of experience enable us to work with a minimum of errors.

We are in the right place, at the right time. Opportunity goes hand in hand with patience.

Clients are updated regularly, and we adapt our strategies to changes that might come up along the way.

We work and act whenever the occasion requires it. We are professionals with a good knowledge of the field.

Networking is one of our key values. We connect with investigation services in any country around the world.

Discreet is our second name. The information we hold is confidential. No leaks. Guaranteed.

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